srcProtector for PHP is a tool designed to encrypt your PHP code and therefore make it impossible to be read and modified. It is created for your PHP applications which source code you don`t want to reveal to your customers or you want to protect this code against misuse or theft. The encoded scripts are fully functional as originals but the code is unreadable.

srcProtector is probably the most powerful and sophisticated PHP encryption tool that doesn’t use compilation to bytecode. With srcProtector you don`t need any loader to be installed on server and encoded scripts have no additional requirements on the server configuration.

This tool encrypts variables, constants, functions and class names, removes comments and formatting from your PHP code and encodes strings included in your code. It also changes whole structure of the code without performance decrease. The encrypting algorithm is very safe and maintains compatibility for most of applications. See FAQ for more details.

You can download free demo version of the application here.

Code Before


Code After